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    - Can you name one hero who was happy

    - Okay, just let me think... Okay, well... I can’t found one who was always happy... They are not happy, that don’t mean they are unhappy all the time, but they are not happy, they have need to fight, they have lost so many friends, make so many fight, see so many death, saw so many monsters... I can’t think they can be happy in this life, I can’t think they can fight, lost friends, see monsters and be happy in the same time... 

      I think when everything’s it’s over, when they have heal everything, and when they can     moving one again, yes, they can be happy, but when the war it’s always here, when they have always need to fight, see monsters, lost friends, they can’t be happy

      But I’m think, they can’t heal all the paine, all the hurt, cause they always have one or more scars, because they always remember the one who they have lost, the monsters they have fight, the battles they have make...

      So, no, I can’t name one hero who was happy, and it’s sad...

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